WordCamp Seattle 2013 is Sold Out!

Wow. WordCamp Seattle 2013 has sold out in record time, just under 52 hours. A huge THANK YOU to the ~500 of you who purchased tickets already. We appreciate your support, and we look forward to seeing you for an amazing WordCamp June 8th!

If you didn’t get a ticket, don’t panic….

With an event that sells out this far in advance, it’s extremely likely that a significant number of people with tickets will cancel or have a change of plans. Here’s what to do:

  1. Comment on this post with your name and preferred contact method (twitter, email, phone, etc). This comment thread will serve as the wait-list.
  2. People who can’t use their ticket will be instructed to contact people on this comment thread to arrange a ticket transfer. We do not facilitate refunds or ticket transfers, it’s handled between the old and new ticket holder (we recommend PayPal or another easy online money transfer method – or you can certainly give your ticket away).
  3. When you and a ticket holder have reached an agreement, the ticket holder can give you their ticket confirmation link, which will allow you to edit the ticket from their information to your name, email address, and preferences.
  4. When you’re done receiving a ticket from another attendee, please leave a reply on your original comment on this post and notify us that you’ve successfully found a ticket.

*We ask that everyone respect the community by not scalping a WordCamp ticket (buying/selling for more than face value) .

That’s it! You’ll be on the list, and all set for WordCamp! If in the process of a ticket transfer there is any confusion, please email seattle@wordcamp.org with both involved parties included in the email.

We are very excited at the amazing response from the community this year. WordCamp Seattle 2012 sold out in 3 weeks with a capacity of 300 people. With a capacity of 500+ this year, it’s a clear indicator that our community is vibrant and growing.

Thank you to everyone for your support, we look forward to putting on an amazing WordCamp for you.

Grant, Ben & Bryan

158 thoughts on “WordCamp Seattle 2013 is Sold Out!

  1. Chrissy

    I am looking ford Seattle WordCamp tickets. If anyone has them and their plans change, please contact me at the email above!

    1. Joe Gates


      I have two tickets that cannot be used this weekend, unfortunately. Do you still need tix?

  2. Marjorie

    I would love a ticket if one comes available. Last year’s Wordcamp was so fabulous! Please email me at included address. Thanks!

  3. Ninette Cheng

    Looking for a nontech ticket. Please email me in attached email or tweet me @ninettecheng.

  4. Jennifer Pebbles

    I would love a ticket if someone is looking to sell theirs. You can reach me via email at jenniferpebbles AT gmail DOT com or @jenniferpebbles on Twitter or IG. Thanks!!

  5. Michael

    if ($you_have_a_ticket && $cant_go_to_camp)

    function let_me_know()
    print “Thank you!”;

  6. Tim Griffin

    Hello and Wow. Would love to get a ticket for the Seattle WP event! You can contact me @learnerslife . griffhome [at] gmail [dot] com also works to get in touch with me.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  7. Kc

    Two tickets please if there are any out there that need a home! Kc (at) websmitten . Com. Thanks!

  8. Gordon

    I’m looking for just 1 ticket. I’m planning to come in from Colorado, so I’m highly motivated to find a way in, one way or another! Reach me at gordon AT copperleafcreative DOT com.

    Thank you!!

  9. Michelle

    Wow, didn’t realize Wordcamp would sell out so fast. If one ticket is available, I’m interested. michelle at michellevgustafson dot com

  10. Rebecca Glenn

    I’m not able to make next week’s Wordcamp, so I was hoping to go to the next one in the U.S. but this one sold out so quickly. Please contact me if you end up not being able to go to this camp, thank you. Contact: rglenn@olenm.org

  11. Josh

    I am diving in to the world of WordPress and would love the opportunity to attend Seattle Word Camp to continue to learn more. If you have tickets available, please contact me in one or all of the following ways:

    mrjhyde.msn.com (at least its not my Juno or Netzero e-mail account)


  12. Gurunam

    I’d love a ticket to be able to learn more about wordpress so that I can create a new wordpress site for my organization! Our website is severely outdated and we need wordpress! I’m in charge of the tech team and just educating myself on all this, learning as I go. It’s a non-profit organization and we aren’t big enough to be making anything so its all volunteer.

    1. Donna

      I would like to add my email address to my contact information listed in my previous post: donnabmanders@gmail.com

      If you cannot use your ticket, I would like to! (I would buy it from you, of course.)
      Thank you!

  13. Donna

    I would love to go to this event! If you cannot use your ticket, contact me: Twitter @smokefreelife Thanks!

  14. Willow O'Briant

    Annika, have you sold your ticket yet? if not, please contact me. thanks!

  15. TomP

    Am interested in obtaining a WordCamp ticket – easiest to reach me by text (425-417-1683) – I can pay cash, check, CC or via Paypal.

  16. Mike Noder

    I am looking for a ticket to Word Camp. and can be reached through twitter. @mikenoder

  17. Joey Jagod

    I REALLY want to go to this-PLEASE let my dream begin with you! I’m an interior designer and looking to grow my business and a great blog will be the golden ticket!

    Thanks so much,


  18. Kathy Kotomaimoce

    I work for a non-profit in Seattle, and could greatly benefit from WordCamp. Please let me know if you have a ticket available. Email me at topdog at spotart dot net. Thanks!

  19. Arianna O"Dell

    Hello! If anyone needs a ticket I’m going to be unable to attend. Send me an email at ariannaodell (at) gmail and we can figure out the details.

    1. tessa

      hi Arriana, i sent you an emailf rom my hotmail account, and am following up this way to add and say – yes, yes I do want the ticket:)

  20. Brittany

    I’d love to talk to someone who needs to get rid of their ticket. @brittany_WMSB or wheremysoulbelongs [at] gmail. Thanks!

  21. R.J.

    Hey all, I had something come up and can’t make it so I have one ticket for sale. Feel free to reply or email me at rjlacount@gmail.com if you’re interested and I’ll update this post once it is sold.


  22. Summer

    Have one ticket available. Please email me your number to text and will confirm transfer ticket to you upon payment. Thanks.

  23. Linda Campbell

    I’m looking for 2 tickets. If there are anymore out there please let me know!

  24. Gabe Herbert

    1 ticket available at face value. First reply who provides email address (and confirms quickly) gets it!

  25. Harriet

    I have two tickets to sell at face value. Email me at harrietdn {at} yahoo.com if you are interested.

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