What do YOU want from WordCamp Seattle 2013?

We want to hear from you about what sort of talks you’d like to see from WordCamp Seattle 2013. Want to learn more about eCommerce with WordPress? Want a walkthrough of how to customize the WordPress admin, as a non-coder? Share with us what you think and we’ll tailor our sessions to match your needs the best we can.

As a reference, here are all the talks given at WordCamp 2012.

Keep in mind WordCamp Seattle is split into 3 “tracks”, or levels of discipline/skill level, so feel free to suggest anything from basic content management to advanced development talks!

5 thoughts on “What do YOU want from WordCamp Seattle 2013?

  1. Robert

    Creating custom home pages beyond the blog posts. I create websites for small businesses and orgs that want a home page that exposes their services, calendar, products and information, not just a list of posts. WP is now more than just blogging software.
    Looking forward to attending!

  2. Bryce Wilson

    Over the years we have worked more and more towards creating a seamless development environment so that WordPress can be developed within a staging environment and launched or updated without the pitfalls of hard coded site URLs within links and images, etc.

    a topic on implementing a staging environment would be of huge value to developers.

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