Thank You BlueHost

sponsor-bluehostWordCamp Seattle wouldn’t be possible without BlueHost, an excellent web hosting company who sponsors numerous WordCamps around the world. Take a second to check them out, tell them thanks, and maybe even use them to host your next WordPress site.

Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1996. Their goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals they’re constantly innovating and upgrading their services at no additional cost to their customers. Join the millions of other website owners that have already chosen Bluehost and see how they can help you with your site.

Thanks BlueHost!

4 thoughts on “Thank You BlueHost

  1. Robert Nelson

    BlueHost doesn’t make it easy to thank them on there site and even after commenting there is no confirmation or even a “hekd for moderation” message, in any case I Tried.

  2. Bruce Jenner

    If you go to their Facebook page, it’s much easier to communicate with them, or you can use the email feedback on their site directly.

    I’ve used Bluehost for all my hosting needs for over 10 years. Never had an issue that wasn’t resolved within a matter of hours.

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