Flying In?

If you’re flying in to Seattle just for WordCamp Seattle, we’re honored. Here are some helpful links and resources for you to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.


The event is at The University of Washington, which is about 10 minutes north of downtown Seattle, making downtown hotels NOT the most convenient. We’ve published info about the hotels closest to the venue for you.


The airport is about 20 miles south of downtown Seattle, which makes it a 35 minute drive to the venue. Here are some recommendations for transport to and from the airport.

Shuttle Express
Shuttle Express runs 24 hour airport to anywhere in Seattle service. The shuttle takes up to 10 passengers in a small van at a one-way trip fare of $24.75/single or less depending on the number of passengers traveling with you ($30.75/two people traveling together, $37.75/three people, etc.). Cash, traveler’s checks, and major credit cards are accepted, and it is customary to provide the driver with a 15% gratuity or tip. Reservations are not required prior to arrival into Sea-Tac Airport, but advance reservations are required for a return trip from your dormitory or hotel to the airport. Call 425-981-7000 or 1-800-487-7433, or make reservations online at

Uber is a killer car service you can call straight from you iPhone, anywhere, anytime. They have flat airport specials to downtown, and reasonable rates if you want to ride in style. Download the app on your iphone or smart phone.

Public Metro
This is the most economical option but is not recommended if you are arriving with a lot of luggage. The cost will be $1.25 – $1.50 depending on the time of the day, and exact change is required. Two routes, #194 and #174 offer direct access downtown, but the #194 express service is recommended as the #174 is a local route with a lot of stops. The bus stop at the airport is on the street at the far south end of the baggage claim area (turn right as you exit the airport and walk 50 meters past the end of the building). Look for the sign on the curb that says 174/Seattle, 194/Seattle, which is located at Bus Terminal Bay 2, and make sure that when you board the bus, the bus has signs which read “downtown”. Ask the bus driver for a two-zone transfer, as you need to change buses downtown. The trip to downtown will be approximately 30 minutes.

Once downtown, exit the bus at 4th Ave and Pike Street, and head one block west (towards the water) to 3rd Avenue. At any stop on 3rd Ave, transfer to the University District on the #71, 72, and 73 buses. Departure times are displayed at the bus stop and buses usually come once every ten minutes for most times of day. Remember to present your two-zone transfer ticket to the bus driver to avoid paying the bus fare again. The bus ride usually takes 20 minutes to the University district area, in which you would exit the bus at the NE Campus Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue NE stop. You are now one block from the main campus.

For more schedule and route information call 206-553-3000, or see METRO’s Riderlink online at Also, when in doubt, please ask the driver – Seattle bus drivers are very helpful!

**Please double check these route numbers for accuracy as these instructions**

If you want to coordinate and share rides with other out-of-towners coming in for the conference, we encourage you to leave your itinerary in the comments below and coordinate privately off-line with other attendees.


There are some killer restaurants and bars near the University of Washington campus.

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