Coming in From Out of Town?

Are you travelling in from out of town for WordCamp Seattle? Whether you’re coming from near or far, we’ve put together some resources for you that might make your trip a little bit easier.

Visit our Out-of-towners page, which we’ll continually update with more info and special deals for attendees as they roll in.

*Pro Tip: Watch the comments section on that page and collaborate with other attendees to share rides or other costs.

4 thoughts on “Coming in From Out of Town?

    1. Grant Landram Post author

      TBD on start and end time, but likely something around 9am – 5pm. There will be an after party Saturday within walking distance of the venue on Saturday night, likely 5:30pm – ???

  1. Lisa

    Thank you for organizing this event! I’m a “blogger” blogger of 4 years now a WP blogger. Can’t wait to dive in even further and learn more! Seattle is a great place for Gluten Free if you need tips or info I can help!
    Salud! Lisa

  2. Julie

    I’d love to get together with some folks on Friday evening, or even Sunday evening. I’m going to be coming in early and staying late, but my Saturday evening is spoken for, so I’m going to miss out on that.

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